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We provide durable lasertag equipment with easily serviceable parts, built to last and withstand intense gaming sessions. Versatility is at the core of our laser tag equipment, accommodating various gaming scenarios, from indoor arenas to expansive outdoor battlefields. Experience the future of laser tag with Battlefield Sports – where innovation meets excitement. .

Spare parts

Battlefield Sports recognizes the importance of keeping your laser tag equipment in optimal condition, and our range of spare parts ensures that you can maintain and extend the life of your gaming gear. Our selection of high-quality spare parts is specifically designed for Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment, providing you with the assurance of compatibility and performance.

Maintenance & Repair

Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment is designed for durability. While nothing is completely indestructible, occasional maintenance and repairs may be necessary. Our dedicated technical support team is committed to leveraging technology innovation to enhance customer value. We offer top-notch maintenance, diagnostic and repair solutions for gaming units.

Our Story

With years of industry experience, Battlefields Sports Europe is a trusted provider of professional lasertag equipment and spare parts. We offer a wide range of durable products and personalized packages to ensure customer satisfaction. Our expertise in live gaming allows us to create exciting experiences with endless gaming possibilities.

Why Choose Battlefields Sports Europe?

Discover the unique value we offer with our professional lasertag equipment, customizable gaming themes, and top-notch maintenance services.


Our lasertag equipment features metal or fiber-reinforced polycarbonate casings, ensuring durability and longevity. You can rely on our equipment to withstand even the most intense battles.
Be confident knowing that hundreds of Operators, like you, have chosen Battlefield Sports as their supplier.

Battlefield Sports Lasertag

Personalized Experience

Do you have plans to add a laser tag attraction? Or are you looking to break into the laser tag business? 
We are here to help you bring your business plans into reality.
We create personalized lasershooting packages tailored to your venue and preferences. With our expertise, you can provide your guests with an unforgettable, immersive gaming adventure.

Endless Gaming Possibilities

Battlefield Sports’ SATR live gaming system offers exceptional flexibility, allowing you to engage in a wide variety of games and missions. Tailoring the gaming experience to suit your audience or participants is key. For instance, if you aim to orchestrate an exhilarating live video game-themed event, opting for Battlefield LIVE themed games is the way to go. For those catering to younger audiences in a family entertainment center, selecting games aligned with the Battlefield TAG theme is ideal. Similarly, if your focus is on running a Halloween Haunt, Battlefield UNDEAD themed games would be fitting. With 12 genres available in the SATR live gaming system, the possibilities for scenarios are virtually boundless, limited only by your creative imagination!

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