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Domination is one of the easiest games to run. A single Domination box stands in the middle of the battlefield. If it is shot by the blue team, its LEDs start flashing blue. If it gets shot by the red team, the LEDs start flashing red – the box displays the color of the last team to have shot (or ‘dominated’) it. The team that has the box under its control has to keep it that way as long as possible, so mount a defense. 

The box keeps track of the time it has been under the control of each team. At the end of the game, the box flashes the color of the team that had in under its control for the longest total amount of time – which is the winning team. 

For larger groups, it is possible to have multiple domination boxes – have a look at the 3 point domination mission for more info. 


In a death match, each team tries to eliminate a maximum of opponents, while minimising their own casualties. 


In capture the base, the players have to take control of the enemy encampment. Usually this means controlling the area immediately around a flag, or a designated area. 

​Ideally this game is played twice, allowing each player to be a defender and attacker.


In rush, each team gets a slightly different briefing. The attackers have to capture a series of points in a specific order. The defenders have to prevent this from happening. 

​Ideally this game is played twice, allowing each player to take part in both defence and offence. 

Rush ends once the final objective has been captured by the attackers. If you need games that run on time, have a look at Rush Infinity. 


Just like in Rush, the attackers have to capture a series of domination boxes in a specific order. However, after the capture of the final domination box you can start all over again with the 1st domination box, and so on.

This game is played twice so all players can have a go at both positions – attackers and defenders. .


In VIP Escort, one team has to make sure a VIP is alive at the helicopter extraction point once the mission time runs out. The other team has to make sure the VIP does not reach that point, or is eliminated before the chopper touches down. 

This game is played twice so each player can be an escort, or part of the ambush team. 


This game can be played indoors as well as outdoors. Just make sure players have plenty of cover and places to hide.  

In this game, every player starts inside the circle and several supply crates are available providing upgrades. The mission is simple – gather the best possible weapons, the most ammo and max out your shield. If anything moves around you – eliminate it. There are no respawns, so watch your back! The (centrally placed) Battle Royale box will shrink the playing field every minute by digital radio, forcing players closer together. ​

Players are active on the battlefield until they are eliminated. Don’t forget to remind players at game start that dead men tell no tales – players who have been eliminated shouldn’t stay on the battlefield as they might reveal the position of active players, thus influencing the end result. ​

You win this game be being alive when time runs out, or by being the last surviver. 


3 Point domination is a variation on the standard domination game. It is best suited for larger groups of players; as there are more strong points that need to be controlled simultaneously.

The winning team is the team that controls the most domination boxes at game end. 


Place the Battle Box, set as a Simple Target, in the middle of where you are playing. 

In this game, the players must shoot the Simple Target as many times as possible. Simple right?

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