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Battlefield Tag is the family-friendly setting, where players can play all the games they desire but the voice feedback has been toned down – players are not ‘hit’ and ‘killed’ but rather ‘tagged’ and ‘deactivated’. ​

Battlefield Tag, sometimes also called ‘laser tag‘ or ‘lasers kirmish‘, isn’t really a separate theme, but rather a variant to traditional lasershooting which uses different terminology in the spoken sound effects. If you think you customers might get offended by the standard terminology, Battlefield Tag is here to help you out.

This is a huge benefit for introductory sessions during village fairs, town parades and festivals where a lot of smaller children are present. ​Likewise, Battlefield Tag may be your theme of choice for kids’ parties. 

If you’re into gaming on a PC or console, this is the mode for you. Battlefield Royale is the latest addition to the Battlefield Sports series of themes, running on a game engine that is very different from the other themes (No new or additional hardware is necessary to play Battlefield Royale, but you may want to consider adding a Battle Royale box to the playing field). Each player starts with a basic weapon. The objective is gathering supplies on the battlefield, if possible while avoiding being shot. 

These supplies come from a specific Battle Box role – the Supply Crate. This supply crate generates one weapon, one aid and one type of ammunition every 15 seconds. On his device, the gamer can store 4 weapons and 4 aids. Game types: solo, duo and squad teams.

Battlefield Live is the main game mode, which can be used for games ranging from sci-fi shootouts to mil-sim action with realistic sound effects. ​Like with all Battlefield Sports equipment, it is possible to play both indoors and outdoors, giving you the possibility to cater to youth gamers, corporate team-building, stags and hens parties, or start a clan war with multiple teams taking turns playing. 

If you like Role-playing games, we’ve got you covered. Comes with all the medieval game-play elements you’ll need, like armor, shields, spells, and monsters.

In Battlefield Undead, the gamers have to battle zombies, vampires and a lot of other monsters. But that’s not all – Players can become infected and turn into monsters themselves. There are various play modes for Battlefield Undead, having teams of players battle each-other, or have players take on a haunted horde of actors, or even have multiple groups of players take on each-other and actors.

All this can be set against a back-story of your choosing, depending on the location – a haunted house, corn maze, recreate the Walking Dead, World-War Z or the Nazi Zombies from Call of Duty…. Feel free to add scary masks or make-up to complete the experience!

Don’t forget – you control the blood and gore in the game, so you can make this family-friendly, hyperrealistic, or anything in between. 

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