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Are the gaming guns and battle boxes waterproof?

Battlefield Sports gaming guns are designed to operate in showers, light rain or snow. However, heavy rain or storms can effect some electrical components. 

Therefore we recommend:

  • Let your players seek shelter in heavy rain or storms. In the event of thunderstorms, lightning strikes the players probably like to be indoors where it’s safer
  • Switch off wet gaming guns while you’re in the shelter
  • Remind players that in rainy conditions they need to keep their guns in an upright (horizontal) shooting position at all times. This stops water from entering the device through the barrel or near the trigger.

If your devices do get soaked:

  • Always switch off gaming guns which display signs of water damnage, like a scrambled display
  • Dry all internal components using a hear dryer before turning the unit on again
  • The sensors can work with some moisture inside. This may cause a low glow from the sensor LED’s, but the sensor will continue to work normally. 
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