Battlefield Sports Honey Badger HB14

Default color: black, includes red dot scope.

Minimum order: 25

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Introducing the HB14 Compact Rifle, also known as the “Honey Badger.” Drawing inspiration from popular video games like Call of Duty, this gaming gun is designed to excel in both indoor and outdoor live combat scenarios.

Expect enthusiastic reactions from your gamers as the HB14 earns a resounding “wow!” for its impressive features.

Embraced by battlefield operators for its combination of compactness and durability, this model now comes equipped with a 40mm lens, comparable to the Scorpion, ensuring extended-range gaming even in daylight. Alternatively, switch to the “indoor” mode for arena gaming by adjusting the software settings.

Engage in laser tag battles with the HB14 and other milsim models, creating an immersive experience reminiscent of live versions of video games such as Call of Duty or HALO.

Minimum order: 25

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