Battlefield Tag Games

Battlefield Tag Games


Depending on your audience you may decide to call this game ‘Domination’ or ‘Capture and hold’. 

It is one of the easiest games to run. A single Domination box stands in the middle of the battlefield. If it is shot by the blue team, its LEDs start flashing blue. If it gets shot by the red team, the LEDs start flashing red – the box displays the color of the last team to have shot (or ‘held’) it. The team that has the box under its control has to keep it that way as long as possible, so mount a defense. 

The box keeps track of the time it has been under the control of each team. At the end of the game, the box flashes the color of the team that had in under its control for the longest total amount of time – which is the winning team. 


Depending on your audience you may decide to call this game ‘Team Death Match‘ or ‘Team Elimination’. 

Team elimination may well be the easiest game to explain. Kill the others. And while you’re at it – try not to get killed yourself. Each team has it’s own spawn point where eliminated players can restart, so all players remain active for the entire game. 

In the end, the team with the least respawns wins.


The objective of Capture the flag is simple – capture (‘shoot’) the opposing team’s flag box, and live long enough to deposit the flag at your own flag box. If you die while in posession of a flag, it vanishes. 

But no worries – flags are electronic, stored on battle boxes and on your gaming gun, so you pick up one flag, deliver it, and go for the next one. 

You decide who wins:

  • the team that has captured the most flags, or 
  • the team that had the least re-spawns

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