Worldwide Support

Operators get 24 hours a day – 7 days a week access to the Battlefield Sports University – here you can find:
Training material

  • basic training course for Battlefield TAG
  • home study C.O. course for the commanding officers on your battlefield
  • notes & references from past conferences

Game operations

  • operation manuals
  • example mission briefings
  • video links to mission briefings

Marketing material

  • image library
  • software
    • Battlefield HQ booking software
    • Swayzo clan war software
  • templates
    • press release templates
    • example flyers and coupons
    • example party invites
    • scripts for radio and TV commercials
  • video’s and tutorials
    • marketing
    • search engine optimisation


  • equipment maintenance
  • data sheets

These handbooks contain a step-by-step  guide on running the games, concept maps to explain how you can set up the game, video briefings, battlefield tactics and much more!

  • Basic Games handbook
  • Advanced Games Handbook
  • Tag Games Handbook
  • Royale Games Handbook
  • Undead Games Handbook

Join the Battle

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