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Gamers want faster action, more diverse,interactive and random games. Battlefied Sports’ equipment can deliver just that – an experience similar to that in video games where the player is the game – a combination of a 1st person shooter game, physical exercice and an adrenaline rush, all in one Live Gaming package. Games are also social – not automation but interaction; teamwork and strategy are key! This also makes for a great teambuilding activity.

These games are hugely popular with children, teens and adults alike – this is a huge growth market, and you can be part of it!

In addition to the equipment, you can add more elements that aid in the suspension of disbelief – really immersing players into the experience. Consider:using handles (codenames) for your operators and the players
let players earn ranks based upon their experience, number of games played / won…

Battlefield Sports gaming themes and missions

For ease of use, we’ve split everything up in 2 categories:

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