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Real-time scoring?

Personal scoreSATR gives you multiple types of scoring. While playing, gamers have real-time statistics on their device display, indicating the number of hits & kills, as well as the number of respawns. After the game, more statistics become available. After each individual game there is a game score, and at the end of the session, session statistics become available, such as the  kill/death and assist /wounds ratio, and their accuracy. When combined with SATR-Score, statistics can also be mailed to the gamers afterwards.​Gamers can see their personal score on the backlit LCD screen built into their device.

Team scoreThere’s more to scoring than just you personal score. By collaborating, teams of weaker individual players can overpower teams with better players who do not follow a team strategy. If you’re into teambuilding, concentrating on the winning team instead of the player with the best stats is the way forward to a social game. This score can be read on the various battle boxes, or centrally through a master controller.Here, SATR-Score also comes into play, with the possibbility to add scoreboards to your venue. ​​Using SATR-Score you can show team progress in-game
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