Battlefield Sports SATR AIR

Default color: black, includes 46 mm lens tube, black tip and red dot scope. Designed to attach to an air soft rifle.

Minimum order: 25

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This unit is designed to be attached to an airsoft rifle (AEG). It is designed as an soft-air accessory. You can attach the unit on top of your airsoft rifle or attach it under-slung. 

This SATR AIR accessory can be attached to an airsoft rifle or even a NERF gun! 

This new compact unit is sure to be popular with airsoft operators because it is so light while being robust.

There are two options for the lens size:

  •     Standard – 40mm lens
  •     Sniper – 46mm lens

You can also select different colored lens tubes: 

  • Black (default color)
  • Red
  • Blue 

Minimum order: 25

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