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What is the area size I need for my venue?

Size matters, but visibility and accessability are important as well. The are 3 important factors to take into consideration when selecting your battlefield:

  • A place to Play
    • for 36 gamers, the minimum size is 400 m²
    • for 24 gamers, the minimum surface is 300 m²
    • for 12 gamers, the minimum play area is 200 m²
  • A place to Park
    • Accesibility is key.  Consider a battlefield that is adjacent to other activities, or part of a multi-activity venue
    • May players will arrive by car. Make sure they have somewhere they can park it. Accessibility by public transport is also an important factor to take into account. 
  • A place to Pee
    • In addition to your game area you will need some logistics as well. A waiting room, a bar, perhaps a registration desk… Don’t forget all this takes up place as well. 
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