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How many guns do I need?

The number of guns you need for your Battlefield live business varies greatly depending on the audience you wish to serve, the place you want to play (indoor, outdoor, mobile, rental…) and the theme and games you want to offer to your customers, as well as their age. 

​We recommend you contact us to discuss the specifics, but here are some rules of thumb:

In general

  • You will need a way to control the games. Consider using a master controller for mobile use, or SATRWare for indoor use.
  • For large playing fields, you should add a radio repeater
  • Don’t forget battle boxes. The exact number of boxes depends on the Games you want to play.


  • For mobile operations, we recommend having 12 guns as a minimum
  • While playing indoors, 24 guns are a good starting point
  • Playing outdoors? Consider having 48 guns in your arsenal.


  • Battlefield Sports equipment is very robust. Some battlefield have been in operation for over a decade, a testament to the build quality of the devices. However, accidents will happen. A head sensor may become damnaged, someone might tripp over a battle box… As such we recommend always having 10% spare devices with you. 
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